Dual Subscription: N.A. Scrap and Paper Markets Recycling - DIGITAL


Purchase both directories and receive 20% off the regular price!

When you subscribe with this option, you will receive access to The North American Scrap Metal Directory, which provides listings for more than 11,000 companies involved in the collection, processing and brokerage of all grades of scrap metal, including auto dismantlers, recyclers and many more, and the Paper Recycling Markets Directory, which includes more than 4,000 paper stock dealers, MRFs and brokers, as well as many recovered paper mills.

Access to the directories is available through a one-year subscription.

Listings Include:

   • Company Name

   • Address

   • Website

   • Email

   • Phone

   • Type of Operation

   • Commodities Handled (where available)

   • Rail Access (exclusive to Scrap Metals Directory)

   • ISRI Members and More!


*commodities handled and rail access are listed on many entries but may not be available for all.